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Our Rules

  • Read and understand all the information given in the FSC Welcome Kit.

  • All adults and children must follow the rules given in the FSC Welcome Kit.

  • All Children will have a Discipline policy to follow inside the gym or will be asked to take a 30-day break with no charge and come back when they can follow the rules.  

  • Coming into a facility or accompanying someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol can result in the termination of membership.

  • Body infections will result in suspension with doctors or medical advisors to return to training.

  • All cancellations of membership will need 30 days' notice and a questionnaire filled out before we can deactivate the membership with no fee.

  • Freezing membership will resort in a fee of half the membership.

  • No sexual activity with an instructor, employee, or a person in a leadership role at FSC.

  • No sex offenders are allowed to train or be inside of FSC. If you are responsible for a sex offender entering the facility. Your membership is up for termination.


Kids Disciplinary Action 


Three Strikes and you’re OUT 


Kids will be kids. But we have to look out for the best interest and safety of all of the students. We as coaches will always do our best to transform our students into champions on and off the mats. But we will hold a standard for all of our students 


Strikes are for:

  • Intentional hitting or abusing another kid. Using foul language on the mats.

  • Not listening to the instructors when students are given instructions for your child’s safety.

  • If a child is disruptive in class and is asked to sit off to

  • the side of the class and refuses or does not follow directions. 

  •  Bullying inside and outside the gym. 

  • School fights that are not self-defense.

  • Misconduct at Brazilian Jiujitsu Tournaments.

  • Parents getting on the mats or coaching off the mats. 

  • Mat disciplinary action 

  • Verbal Warning 

  • Timeout 

  • Asked to leave the mats 


Will also result in a strike:


  1. Strike One-Verbal and notify the parent 

  2. Strike Two- In-person Parent Teacher conference 

  3. Strike Three- Termination of membership with no fees

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